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Characterization of side reactions during annealing of small interfering RNA

EuroTIDES 2011, 15th - 16th November 2011, Berlin, Germany


Strategic considerations for successful analytical method transfer.

Analytical Method Development, Validation and Transfer: Building in Quality 14th -15th September 2011; Prague, Czech Republic (Chair of Conference Day One Sessions)


Analytical approaches for rational development of annealing conditions for large scale siRNA manufacturing. 

EuroTIDES/ EuroPEPTIDES 2010; 17th -18th November 2010, Barcelona, Spain


Analytical approaches for drug substance and impurity characterization in siRNA drug development. 

Chromatographic Society Symposium; 27th -28th October 2010, Ware, Great Britain (Member of the GSK –SCINOVO expert panel)

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